Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Last Walk Around Coon Island

The coffee water is ready at 0600hrs, as I am awakened by the early morning salmon fisherman who choose to ignore the no wake zone around Coon Island. I had a very quiet night being the only boat here. Its almost noon now and I have seen lots of fishing going on, but only 2 caught.

After breakfast I took my final stroll around the island. I have had so many great times on Coon and met many great boaters. Its overcast with some drizzle at times and some sun breaks. I was hoping to do some waxing today but that will have to wait until I get back to my slip.

I see a newly fallen tree and find a new beaver trail to the water's edge with quite a stash of saplings piled into a beaver dam along the shore.

I follow deer tracks along the north and west trail. There is always a mother deer who births twins on the island. She should be hunkered down in the meadow with them this time of year.
The soaring eagles are chasing each other overhead and I saw a few osprey nests and parents tending to them along the way down river yesterday. I thank my little island for being such a wonderful place to tie up, explore and meet new friends. I will miss this special place.

I return to Shatoosh with muddy jeans and boots which I remove before getting back onboard.

I fix me another mug of hot coffee and settle down making an inventory of stores and compiling my grocery list.

My master "TO DO List" is waning which pleases and comforts me knowing that I have covered all the bases. I've never been one to procrastinate, so when it is time to go, all I have to do is slip the dock lines and head down river with peace of mind..