Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Departure Is Around The Corner

Its almost 8 PM, daylight still prevails, the river is running fast and furious, the birds are singing their evening songs and my belly is warm from a hot bowl of oatmeal. I departed my slip at 1700 hrs to make a test run to Coon Island for the night. I've had several routine, maintainence things done on the engine, so wanted to get some engine time in to check her out. My chartplotter, GPS and radar are humming like an opera. Everyone is singing to each other in hushed, deep voices, stating all is ok.

I had turned Shatoosh around in the slip last week to do some work on the stern light. Its a tricky configeration that never works, so thought I'd give it a go to see if I could get it up and running, but think I had better replace it with a modern light. The thing about it, it also does double duty as a flag staff holder. If I change out the light then I have to deal with another flag holder. I like the original design, so may have to tinker some more with it.

I began packing my waterproof dry bag of emergency items, flares, water, green drinks, electrolytes, warm clothes, simple tools. This would be used if we had to abandon ship and take to Pashmina. Since I am going to follow the 3 mile line offshore, I figure I/crew can row 3 miles to shore, in an emergency. I don't anticipate needing any of these things, or that I would have to abandon ship, but it is always best to be perepared.

I'll be departing my marina Memorial weekend and heading down river to mouth of the Columbia River. I want to visit all my favorites hangouts, savoring them and thanking them for many joyous times we have had on the Columbia River. Then I will be hauling out at Warrenton Boat Yard, await Joyce's arrival, and head out for the great Pacific Ocean. Another big adventure lies ahead, so stay tuned. I'm certain it will be memorable for us all.