Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Surprise Encounter with the Puget Sound Voyaging Society

On the afternoon of the 14th and the morning of the 15th of May I am delightfully surprised by 2 visions of ancient voyaging. Off in the distance I hear a cadence being called, I get out of my comfortable position in the cockpit seat. Coming rapidly down on Shatoosh is a sight fitting for, "Oh my God". Since I spent the greater part of the winter planning for my upcoming Replication of Peter Puget's Exploration of the Puget Sound, here is an almost replica of one of his longboats rowing the southern Sound. I scramble for my cameras and try to get something down. Then the next day I run across them on the other side of the island and get to find out who these unique group of young people are. They belong to the Puget Sound Voyaging Society out of the Port Hadlock/Townsend area on the Olympic Peninsula and they are on their annual week long cruise sail+row. Some are sleeping on shore and some in the boat. I get to speak with Sam, Shawn and Jacob and learn about their program for boating and building skills. This rowing/ sailboat is  larger than what Puget used and there are 4 pair of oarsmen and 2 other crew.
Sam and Jacob

Shawn rows supplies to shore

Take a look at what these kids are doing. I love it and hope to see them again on the Sound. Sam, I love your singing video as well.