Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hawaiian Mele for Jean and HIra- A Final Tribute

As a tribute to Jean's and my birthday celebration in Hawaii, Lahela Igarta, a Hawaiian Kumu Hula(master teacher of Hula) and Hawaiian name giver, presented me with a Hawaiian name of Kahiau and composed a Hawaiian Mele(song) to honor both Jean and I, our family, Shatoosh and Reiki. Lahela is about to retire from teaching grade school and will be forming her Hula Halau or school of students. She comes from a long line of Kumu Hula- masters and chanters. To be honored by her amazing gift is very, very special. Jean and I are both very touched.
In this mele she sings He Kamaha'o No, which means, "So Wondrous Indeed".
A'ahu 'ia ka moku- Shawl(Shatoosh) embraced by the ship/family.
Kaimana-means diamond, as  Hira- is my spiritual name, in Sanskrit.
Kahiau, my new Hawaiian name means selfless giving. Jean's name is Kahaokeola and means breath that is transferred in Reiki Initiation by a Master.
Jean's daughter, Erin as the Mother whose children; Maile and Ilima are entwined in the forever cherished lei.
‘Au loa i na wai la ‘iku-traveling on gentle waters

Click on for a brief portion of the Mele

He Kamaha’o No
Lahela Igarta
May 2012
For Jean Kahaokeola Ferris and Hira Kahiau Reid

‘A ‘ahu ‘ia ka moku
E ka ha o ke ola
Me ka wahine kaimana ea ea
Wili ‘ia ka ‘ilima me ka maile
Ku no i ka makuahine
Na kama na lei pulama mau ea ea
‘Au loa i na wai la ‘iku
Kuano ‘o o ka hana kahiau
Na hana ku I ke aloha ea ea

Embraced by the ship
By the breath of life
Together with the diamond
Entwined with ‘ilima and maile
Like the beauty of the mother
The children, the lei forever cherished
Sail far on the gentle waters
Always thinking of the selfless giving
The works imbued with love.

Touched by the hands
Ka mehana (warmth)
Touched by the hands
Ke aloha(love)
Touched by the hands
Ke ola e(the extraordinary healing)
He kama ‘o no ea ea(So wondrous indeed)

Lahela, thank you for this loving gift.
Hawaii, thank you for all the beautiful aloha shared by friends and family.
I return to Washington and blue skies.
Shatoosh and Pashmina, as ever faithful companions of the way, await another adventure.
Mahalo and Aloha Oi.