Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sail and Sushi Day

I have tried several times to make a reservation on the Makani, a day sail Catamaran, so we go out Friday afternoon for a nice 2 hour sail out past Diamond Head and back to Kewalo Basin. This is a great sailing Cat. We were in 25mph trades and out past Diamond Head Lighthouse, with reefed main. With a 32 ft beam she handled really nicely and could tack into the wind easily without the jib out. She carries 80 people but today was sweet with only about 20 people. Not good for business but great for us. We knew lots of people the Captain knew, so Jean and I got some helm time.

Makani Info

We ran 3 lines but no strikes
KoKo Head in the background

Hira and helm time

After sailing we went for early dinner at the Ginki Sushi, which is an automated sushi place where the sushi comes around the tables on an automated track, so you just pull off what you want to eat. The prices are according to picking a red, green or yellow colored plates. How simple is this concept.
Yummy Yummy

Jean selects a sushi roll of spicy tuna