Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hanging Out On Hope

13 May 2012: Mother's Day
What a day! My serenity tank is full, everyone passing by in kayaks are greeting me with Happy Mother's Day. This is a happy day for all mothers and mothers are always filled with Hope.  What better place to be, but on Hope Island, especially after days of stretching and reaching on those islands it makes room for hope to seep into all the new cracks and crevices of our being.

Across the way is Squaxin Island, an Indian Island and no one can  come ashore. There is a large inlet named Palela Bay, near Potlatch Point. A sailboat is anchored at the entrance. I gather all my exploring items, water, binocs, waterproof container with a few tools, sunscreen, camera, some nibbles and I am off in Pashmina.
I am anchored at red dot and my course is the red one.
The blue line is from yesterday.
The red circle is a buoy that I tie up to later in the day.

I am in the lagoon looking out toward Hope Island, the sailboat is anchored and the tiny white speck across the way is Shatoosh. I come across a derelict boat tied to shore( there seems to be many of these). There are many old fishing nets lying on the bottom with years of growth on them. The bottom photo is the thumb part of the lagoon as it looks like a mitten on the chart. The tide is ebbing and the water tables barely allow me to skim over the bar and out. I stop and talk with the sailor anchored and he shares info about this area and anchoring. He comes here often.

Later in the afternoon a buoy opens up and I grab it.  At 1700 hrs, I reboard Pashmina and circumnavigate the island, stopping from time to time to walk on the beach. I return at 1850hrs. and fix dinner. I'm seeing lots of raccoons, eagles, kayakers and seals. In fact one popped up behind Pashmina about 10 feet away and startled both of us.
Mt Rainier in the distance

A great Douglas Fir Tree

It is tall as can be

A gnarly mess of wood 

Shatoosh on her mooring buoy awaits our return.

Lots of raccoons on the island. I have seen as many as 7
feeding at the  shoreline in the morning hours.

What a wonderful day. Hope Island is delightful. I had been here once before on a rainy, cold May day on a friend's boat, but I am loving it today.