Saturday, October 30, 2010

More on the Death of Columbia River Sailor

Reading more of the facts online, I discover the "BAD DOG" Sloop was skippered by a 46 year old father and crewed by his 3 teenage children. All 3 children were wearing their life jackets and the father was not wearing his. They had left their berth at Kerry West Marina on Westport Slough heading for the port of Astoria. Apparently, they encountered a gust of wind, causing the boat to heel over and the helmsman chair to rip from the deck mounting. As a result the skipper was thrown overboard and disappeared within minutes. The children, lowered the sails and radioed for help. His body was found washed up on the shoreline near Cathlamet about 10 days later. Such a tragic accident for this family.

Again, an unworn life jacket will not save your life.