Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Snake River Road Trip

14 October 2010
I've been on a road trip to Denver, so followed Hwy 84 again along the Columbia River and crossed the Snake River into Idaho. I am visiting my old Delta friends, Conrad and Juanita, who inspired me to bring Shatoosh to the Columbia River back in 2003. I had lost track of them, but finally reconnected a few months back.

My friends built their custom 30 footer in their back yard many years ago and have cruised many a mile on her. (The Cheryl Lee). Often they tie the bow to the bridge on one of the islands in the 1000 Springs area.

We drove along the Snake in the 1000 Springs Area near Hageman, Idaho.  It is amazing to see so many springs rushing out of the basalt and lava hills. The water is the purest and clearest that I have seen in decades. The fall colors and the blue skies were perfect for an outing.

We see a couple of snakes along the Snake river, but was surprised to see alligators at a farm which is
fed with geo-thermal water. I never thought I'd be putting alligator pictures on my blog. Carol Warren, is the alligator queen with her Albin 27 blog in Florida. Then we visit a rainbow trout hatchery which keeps some old ones around for viewing. Also, in the pond were 2, 6-9 ft sturgeons.

It was delightful to visit another part of the Snake River, that I had never seen, and the icing on the cake was touring this special part with my old friends.