Thursday, July 8, 2010

My New Booklet Arrives

This is my printing of my Snake River blog. It turned out really nice, however there were 2 formats to select from and I chose the default one which saves on the number of pages, which came to 40. After seeing it, I realize that this is not the format when there are lots of photos, as they ended up not being in synch with the text. Next time, I will choose the other format which will be better aligned with text and photo. I also noticed some typos. I want to get one done for my cruise on the Lady Washington last fall. This is a good idea to get a hard copy for special cruises.

As to Zeus, my Prius, my ride down to Oregon was really comfortable and easy to drive. While I am on my first tank of gas and still have over a half tank remaining I am averaging 57.5mpg. Ya hooo.

Had a nice run to Martin Slough, with some wind, waves and no bell ringing, with the current running high still I seemed to briskly drive through the flood tide making 7 + knots. The weather is beautiful, but supposed to be in the 90's.

Some big driftwood stuck in the wing dams caught my attention, so pulled off to take a photo.

Near Goat island on way to Martin Slough
Position of log jam"72". My course in blue

While entering the cut into Martin slough lagoon the cows were all lined up eating their veggies. I find it interesting that they wade out into the water and eat the algae by the tons. It must meet some nutritional need.

Off and on all day and into the evening coolness I have been scrubbing and polishing the topsides. Still have quite a bit to do. So will continue tomorrow. The cottonwood is blowing to beat the band, but I don't seem to be bothered by it today. 2 Sailboats came in this afternoon. It is the first time for them coming to Martin Slough. Since this is one of my favorite places, I'm sure they will be adding it to their list, as well.