Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anchoring Out

11 July 2010: Sunday

With the dock full from the Friday night arrivals, I elected to anchor out and go exploring in Pashmina. I was able to see quite alot of wildlife from Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Eagles and Ospreys. I took some nice photos of Shatoosh at anchor, but will have to wait to download them. They show off my clean topsides.

This morning I fixed my usual special breakfast of french toast and cleaned my plate I lingered with a second cup of coffee while I await the sun burning off the morning cloudiness. I added  more water to my solar sun shower, which I got for Xmas. I extended the length of hose to it which helps.

The other thing I have done recently is freezing my bottles of filtered water at home and using them in the refrigerator on Shatoosh. I have been on the boat for 5 days and while the ice is now melted, the water is really cold, keeping the food fresh and now I have 2 gallons of drinking water. Tomorrow I'll get another regular block of ice.

The other day I questioned the Albin Yahoo Group about the lack of blogs to look at. In no time a new blog appeared, by Dave who owns a 1970 Albin 25. He has completely restored his Ticaboo and she looks primo. Ticaboo lives in the Phoenix area and has a new Yanmar to power her along. More Albin blogs: and a look