Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life Is Tuff

21 July 2010 Wednesday

Hira departs in a few minutes for the Big Island, ie, Hawaii and headed, not to cruise, but to take a retreat and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of her twin, Jean's initiation to Reiki Master. The volcano, Kilauea has reopened some new lava flow vents into the town of Kalapana. This is the site where the town was overcome by lava 20 years ago. We will be staying high in the volcano area at 4000 ft at Kilauea Military Camp which is in the volcano national park. The night time viewing should be wonderful. I was there 40 years ago when Halemaumau erupted and it was spectacular.

Upon return, I look foreward to being back on Shatoosh for a downriver cruise.