Monday, July 12, 2010

Hanging Out

12 July 2010 Monday
I'm glad I'm on Shatoosh, as normally I do laundry on Monday, so today while waiting on the morning cloudiness to disappear, I headed down river to Kalama and pumped out the head, instead. They have a new pump-out station which was nice. Cruised around the marina and noticed a really nice, new cruiser that I had seen last week on Coon Island. I had taken a picture of it, but forgot to save it on my cell phone. Today, I caught it on my digital but will have to down load it later.

After my lunch I motored over to Goble to get a block of ice. I learned the owner had died and his funeral will be this week. The lady at the store/marina/rv park said he was in his 80's and had run the place 7 days a week for over 30 years.The place will continue to be run by his family.

I exit Goble and run back upriver behind Sandy Island, looking for a nice anchorage, but the wind was filling every nook and crannie. I aborted that idea and returned to my old favorite. I'll spend one more night on the river and then head back to my marina.

Up river from Sandy Island, a downriver ship hailing from London, passes me with a huge wake. Shatoosh has no trouble with it and my new computer tray stays put nicely. These are the biggest wakes so far and a first to see a British ship in these waters. Guess they don't have any speed guidleines.

My afternoon loop

I finally got the aft cabin pulled together, with clean sheets/towels, all ready for the next crew. Cleaned out the refrig and put everything in the ice chest. Emptied out the solar shower. All the chores you do at home seem to be there for you on the boat. Its just more fun to do on the boat, for some reason.