Monday, July 8, 2013

Life Along the Foss Waterway

I have met several of my Dock Mates, made an evening run up and down the waterway and am enjoying the simple 9 mile trip to my new boat slip at the Foss Harbor Marina. This will be my shortest commute to Shatoosh in 13 years and I am liking it.

Yesterday while tinkering with my projects, the 11th St Bridge sounded its horn to open her lift up. Wow, something big is coming or going, as sailboats pass freely under her. What it be?  Finally we see the newly built vessel, outbound for Alaska. I had seen her the other evening on my run up the waterway.

A flock of marina Geese cruise by looking for a hand out. This boater doesn't feed, I tell them and they turned and departed.