Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blake Island, Gig Harbor

I make it to Blake and get the last inside slip near the rocks. I barely squeak in between the rocks and the docks. I spend 2 nights and this place is jumping with all types of watercraft.

I take some time to go to Tillicum Village and have a pulled pork sandwich for dinner. It is smoked there all day. Yummy.

I am ready to get to Gig Harbor and meet my friends, Virginia and Jane for dinner at the Mexican Place across the street. A dock buddy helps me get Pashmina up on the roof. While I am still getting used to this new process, it is not smooth. I have some carpet and a towel under her to protect the hardtop. It has been suggested that some pool noodles might support her and protect the hard top. Another suggested putting some pvc tubing inside the noodle to keep the noodle from collapsing with the weight of the porta bote might be of help.

This Albin Vega comes into port with her new owners, John and Ann . They are going to name her Walkabout. I like that and really like the owners. I hope to see them again on the water.

After dinner, I take my Gig Harbor buddies for a spin around the harbor.
Virginia, sitting next to me, is a retired Colonel PT who has been my teacher, mentor, boss, and Chief since I was a 2nd Lt. at age 22.
Jane, a  retired Colonel, Army PT. We were stationed together 3 times and have been friends since 1971. She continues to work as a PT in the civilian community.