Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dinner Cruise with Neighbors

The weather has been so nice that I invited my neighbors for a dinner cruise. Kitty and Mike brought pizza and chocolate chip homemade cookies and Diane brought wine. Hira supplied the boat.  It turns out the largest container ship ever to come to Tacoma had anchored. The next day they took her into the Blair waterway to unload it 10,000 containers. It is documented out of Monrovia. Her name: Zim Djibouti, her length is 1145 ft, beam is 151 ft. She is larger than the USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier.



We did a nice loop of Commencement Bay, traveling from 40 ft of water in my slip to over 500 ft in the bay. Later, we ran across a school of Dall Porpoises and they were having a wild time swimming circles around us. It was exciting as in the 2 years I have been in these waters none have ever ventured close to Shatoosh.

Dall's_porpoise  click here for more information

It was a great evening and as we pulled into my slip, Mt. Rainier started to become it beautiful pink color.
Thanks Kitty, Mike and Diane for a fun time.