Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Weather Break

I had 2 days of beautiful blue skies that I wanted to capitalize on with action on Shatoosh and Pashmina.
The first day has been long awaited for me, Tim of Brown and Balsley Sign Makers in Olympia, WA, was coming to Pashmina to attach her newly made Impresas for our adventures in the Salish Sea. Tim had been referred by another boat owner in the marina who has an old portabote lashed to his swim platform. Tim had been waiting for warmer weather. I came down early to get Pashmina onto the dock, give her a good bath and let her warm in the sun all day. Fortunately, Tim lives above the marina on the bluff so he met me on the docks at 4 PM. In a flash he had the Impresas affixed. With 2 graphics on the port and starboard sides Pashmina will let the logos drive our mission of exploring the small nooks and crannies of the Salish Sea. Look thru the archives to see the meaning of the logos.

As I waited thoughout the day, I got my new 2012 logbook out that I had made from Vista Print. I used one of my favorite photos of Shatoosh at Matia Island this past summer. There is a new pen to go with it as well. Log Books are important to keep and I am always referring back to them and they are unique to each skipper. Some have elaborate, and detailed ones, but my format has served me well over many years on Shatoosh.

The first hard copy page I leave available for documenting fuel purchases, yearly mileages, battery replacemets, and important registration numbers and state park mooring number.

The right hand pages have the columns of time/date-location/speed/ engine hours/nm/fuel. The left hand pages are for writing down info about the trip, ie, birds sighted, interesting people-boats, marina fees-bathroom codes-wi fi passwords and anything else I might want to keep on hand or to write in the blog.