Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hanging Out in the Sun on McMicken Island

I spent a lazy morning with the heater on as the outside temperature was in the 30's. After breakfast I did  a check of the engine and batteries and read some more chapters about the south sound cruising grounds. There are so many wonderful places to go and explore that I am champing at the bit. I had put Pashmina back on the swim platform yesterday, so unhooked the electrical cord and slipped my lines. I headed out for my favorite McMicken Island. Its only 6nm away and such a sweet place to hang out in the sun. Again, no one is there, so I own the place again. I short tie from the aft cleat to the mooring buoy since I will be here for a few hours and the water is calm. The birds and eagles will keep me company while I read, relax and take photos and practice editing them and sending them on my new IPHONE 4. I did not get the 4S as this one was free for me at Verizon.
Short tied to buoy

I love this reflection

4PM the southern skies darken

A newly cropped and zoomed Mt Rainier

What a simple, wonderful 2 days back on board it has been. I got alot of many little things done so I can return home and be patient for the weather breaks. The next 10 days does not look good, as more rain is predicted.