Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Projects: Mine and Others

Albin owners are busy with their winter projects and since returning from Texas I have made one trip to Shatoosh and Pashmina. They have weathered my long absence well, but needed a good scrubbing. The marina is getting a good, but overdue dredging, so boats and docks have been moved about and hopefully, I can make an outing within the next few days, as the weather looks promising.

I have been helping some Albin boaters with their projects; John in Georgia is now well into building his hardtop, which is looking good, Anton is re-powering his engine with a Volvo MD2030 B, like Shatoosh's, so I was photographing  the engine the other day, and today I sent off a tracing of my swim platform for Nick in Illinois.

I will need to get Pashmina's Impresa to the graphic guy in Olympia, so she can have a new look. There is a lot of routine maintenance on the upcoming docket, all of which will keep me busy.