Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Happy New Year

One of my favorite presents I got for Christmas was a new ditty bag for Pashmina 2 that has her impresa on it. I can't wait to go out and put it to use.

I'm still in the Texas desert and getting ready to return home to Washington state. I have abandoned my dock shoes for boots and have been to all places Texican and New Mexican to eat my fill of tacos and to make some dinero at the local casinos/racetrack.
Leave Your Boots At The Door

Travels this Christmas

Hira and Jean at Old Mesilla, NM

The Plaza at Old Mesilla

Modern Indian Artwork
Inn of the Mountain Gods
 Apache Indian Reservation

Approaching Snow Storm
El Paso, Tx
The Plaza El Paso

San Jacinta Plaza El Paso, Texas