Thursday, February 11, 2010

Persistence Pays Off

11 Feb 2010: Thursday

Yesterday I decided to see what was available for search engines to find my long-lost friends from the Delta, Conrad and Juanita. I have been through this process many times before since 2007, when I lost track of them.

Bonanza, I was able to connect with a family member in California and leave my phone number. It is a miracle to find a relative and not be able to find the individuals I was looking for. This morning they called me and what a joyous reunion we had on the phone. They told me several days ago they felt I must be looking for them as they felt me in their presence. No kidding. Life continues to be full of miracles.

They live up in Snake River Country during the summer months. How convenient is this? We will definitely have to rendezvous sometime this summer. What wonderful timing and I am glad that I continued searching.

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