Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back On Board

I return to Shatoosh yesterday, after first stopping at Hayden island(Portland), to pick up some ordered volvo engine parts. It rained the whole way down Interstate-5. My spirits were not dampened with the rain and I preceeded to tackle my "to-do list". On my list is to troubleshoot this intereference with the gps-seaclear program that I was experiencing. Dan, my mentor on this project, has sent me information to help. I re-wire the whole system with connectors this time. Sometime this weekend, when we get a weather break, I will take her out from the covered slip and see how she is working, or see if she is working.

On monday I will cruise over to Hayden island and have my oil changed at Schooner Creek Boatworks. This is a first with me, as my mechanic, Mike just took over as yard manager for this long time boat building company. My journey will be going up the multnomah channel for 9 miles, then head down the Willamette River for about 3 miles, after which, I'll go up the Columbia River for about 3 miles and pull into their docks. Tuesday the work will be done and I'll head back to Scappoose.

Other items:
1.  Put on new Air filter for engine.
2.  Bilge pump float switch project
3.  Clean fresh water tank and partially fill.
4.  Stabilize laptop tray to nav tray.
5.  Ace Hardware mega sale day..I've brought my list from home/boat.
6.  Have fun.