Sunday, October 4, 2009

Walking The Docks

After filling the bird feeders and watching the raccoon climb the tree and get spread eagle on all the branches so that he can eat one half of the bird feed, I decide its time to get back down to the waters edge. Yesterday Captain Dan tells me there is an Albin at his marina and they also have a new boat, an old Navy launch that they are re-doing.
I head over to Deer Harbor and walk out on the docks at Cayou Quay Marina. The first boat you come to is an Albin named Harmony. I'm surprised to see her in WA, as I know this boat very well from the Sacramento delta. It belonged to John Hughes. He fabricated his hard top and folding bench seat after mine. He had moved to Oregon and had his boat on the market for some time. Walah!! Its here in WA and in Deer Harbor, of all places. Dan, didn't know the owner and I don't recall the boat being in the Albineers with this new owner. I notice that it not registered in WA, as of yet, and it is needing a lot of maintenance.

I see the Orca Express and the new boat on the outer docks, so amble over there, seeing a nice little Flicka 20 and Pacific Seacraft 25 along the way. There is also a Nauticat which would be a great live-aboard vessel. Captain Dan is onboard the new boat the Pelican. Wow, they have done lots of work and she is looking primo with the green hull and tan and black accent colors. I climb up on Orcas Express to get a good shot.
Later I head back to the ferry landing and check in with Denise again to spend some time with her. She updates me on all her work with restoring the Patos Island Lighthouse and that she has just received the new applications for Washington Lighthouses special license plates. The Orca Express also does a Lighthouse Cruise taking you to 4 different lighthouse in San Juan County.
You can read about it on their website.
For information on the Lighthouse Plates go to