Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blogging From Mt Woolard, Orcas Island, WA

I'm perched high atop Mt. Woolard over looking the many islands of the San Juans, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. A golden eagle flew over the deck and its reflection on the patio sliding doors forced me to bolt from my easy chair to get a glimpse. I'm house sitting for my octogenarian friends who are off traveling. This is a tough job and I'm always up to the challenge.

After my military career, I retired to Orcas Island and have been coming to the islands for over 25 years. I owned Sabra, my wonderful Swan 36 and also bought a cute little 23 foot Vashon Island Pocket Cruiser, named Shakti, so I could go gunkholing. I have many wonderful cruising memories of these islands. I always have such a wonderful time when I am here.

My recent crew, Constance or Con just wrote me a nice email which she has agreed to share with everyone. She states, "many thoughts and memories continue to emerge from my time spent on the river. It helped to be focused and one-pointed as required by the duty\ies and tasks of our boat experience. Each new learning/instruction helped to claim the insight I'd care to share:

As I opened myself to even taking the trip with Hira, I intellectually knew that I'd be leaving the confines of what I find comfortable and secure. Each day brought a continued event involving learning/teaching/expanding into unknown territory. As a result of going with the flow literally and figuratively, I experienced a "crack", an "opening" into the creative process that I had been blanketed by my career activities in the school district. I felt the possibility and yes, the urge, to paint again, to write again. It was at once, a healing of the spiritual and creative within. Thanks to the pull of so much nature's ebb and flow, I became one with our environment, our daily lives and the self within. What a fine-tuning Hira provided with the help of Shatoosh, Pashmina and several elements of nature all at once!!!"

Thanks Con for the sharing and taking the step to move out of your comfort zone. It is always so liberating to be in a new place. Always changing, always expanding, always grateful.