Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Friday Harbor Another Albin

I catch the small ferry, as a walk-on, at 1045 hrs. The morning is beautiful and blues skies. I can't ask for a better day. My mission today is check my friend's Albin Lit'l Bit. As I am walking down the dock and have her in my sights, my cell phone rings and it is Jo from the Big Island of Hawaii. I give her a quick assessment; it is still floating, not listing, and the dinghy is on the stern and the kayaks on top. It needs a good scrubbing inside and out. The bilge is dry. It turns out Jo is coming later this week to go cruising. She'll have her work cut out for her.

I walk the docks and see several interesting boats:

This is a standard design that I like;
flush deck, tumble home stern, pilot house. Nice and clean lines.

Similar lines. I like this.

From a distance I thought this was Baten, a Jay Benford design, which my friends Andy and Rae had built in the 70's. But it turned out to be a Devilan design which is very similar. Also a flush deck with a pilot house. This is about 18 feet long.

What fun! Just hanging around the docks.