Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 6: Gig Harbor

6 July 2014: Sunday

We depart at 0900 hrs and pump out the toilet and head over to the other nook and cranny I want to explore. In Ann and Laurence's book they describe a small cove behind 2 little islands called Twin Islands. The cove behind it is called locally, Inner Harbor. This cove is much smaller that Mats Mats Bay and has a very shallow entrance at low tide. We are leaving at low tide so we will see if Shatoosh can get in without touching bottom.
Hira's Haiku

Hidden Twin Islands
Secret hide-away awaits
My new favorite place.

Twin Islands

Inside Cove

Inside cove

Our Route into cove

Agate Pass behind Bainbridge Island to Brownsville marina

Rich Passage around Blake to Gig Harbor

We stop at Brownsville Marina and get fuel, and an ice cream. Then on to Blake but the place was filled to the brim. We decided to push on to Gig Harbor, as Too Tall likes docks, rather than anchoring. We arrive at 1900hrs. and have Mexican food across the street from the guest dock.

Total  miles: 137 nm