Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 2: Port Townsend Canal

2 July 2014: Wednesday

I have always wanted to take a route through the Port Townsend Canal which separates the peninsula from Indian and Marrowstone Islands. A bridge connects it all and the tides run fast through these waters. Good timing is a must.

Sunrise is beautiful and we are off early to catch our ebbing tide( 0550 hrs)

We cruise past Point No Point at 0700 hrs and pull in close to shore for some photos. We have north wind and it is chilly.

Too Tall enjoys his hot mug of miso soup.

We fly through the Canal at 9.1 knots and tie up at Port Townsend Boat Haven at 1000 hrs. We hoist Pashmina on the swim platform to get her out of the way. My old friend Mary drives over to spend the afternoon with us. We check out the Proposed Chatham Anchor that was discovered off Whidbey Island. I and many others remain skeptical that it is the anchor off the HMS Chatham.

Link and shaft from Anchor Proposed Chatham

Mary finds a boat she can handle

Dinner at Chinese Restaurant Pt Hudson Marina

Total run: 60 nm.