Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Water Shoes

Since arriving in the Salish Sea, I have been having a terrible time walking on the beaches in my old water shoes. I'm not used to the large, slippery, slimy, barnacle encrusted rocks, shells, and driftwood. At times, my ankles have been twisted, crunched and my old shoes are now in shreds. I've been scouting the stores, but haven't found what I want, until today.

My criteria are:

Need support and stability
No leather
Toes and heels protected
Easy on and off
Can be hosed off.
Good in water, rocks, and for short hiking on land

I think I found exactly what I have been looking for.
Made by Alpine Design out of recycled bottles and other plastics. Ghille V style
Bought at Sports Authority, on sale for $29.99.
They are soft and very comfortable.

I'm headed for another Hawaiian trip to house sit and will definitely try them out. See you in a few weeks. Aloha.