Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Having Fun in Hawaii

Glenda, a Shatoosh crew, is joining me for the first week in Hawaii, on Oahu. I am house sitting on the north shore, right on the water. The swimming has been great, the food wonderful and we joined friends for another visit to La Mariana Sailing Club(LMSC) to hear Ron sing and play the keyboard as many of his friends join in. It is always an amazing evening.

The other day we had an impromptu sail on the big Makani Catamaran.The winds were up and the Molokai channel was rough.

Na Wahine O Ke Kai  2012

 It also was the day for the ladies(Wahine) outrigger canoe races from Molokai to Oahu. About 40 nm trip.
They started at 0700 hrs. Breaking seas closed out the Haleolono Harbor entrance for the start of the race, but the wahines continued through the breaking surf to get to the starting line.There was a canoe collision which was caught on video and televised on local TV. The winning time was 6 plus hours, however when we arrived at 1500 hrs canoes were still finishing.  The seas were huge for them and often 20 ft. An Aussie wahine told me she has competed in 25 yearly races but this one was the worst.

Stay with this 5 minute video for the start of the race. To think this was just the beginning of a very long day.
You can see several of the capsized canoes and women in the water at the start.. I'm surprised to see they did not cancel the race.

News coverage

A closer look

After our sail we headed for the beach at the Hilton Hawaiian Hotel and I was there for the Waikiki Yacht Club to finish. You go girls.

The conch is blown for the arrival of each canoe.

WYC canoe arrives

Glenda fixed a nice last supper. We had a wonderful time together and I'm certain she will love to come again. Ahi shasimi, baked sweet potatoes and asparagus.