Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Old Stomping Grounds

I went to La Mariana Sailing Club the other day. This is where I lived on Sabra. The docks were completely destroyed from the Japanese Tsunami and now have been rebuilt. The old clubhouse which is now a famous restaurant was not destroyed.

Annette Nahinu built the place literally from scratch. She found a little piece of land fill near Sand Island in Keehi Lagoon, then had to convince the State that they owned it, and then created a 50 year lease. She had previously started a small marina nearby but had to relocate. So after obtaining the new land, she moved her docks, house, and she dug up every plant and palm tree and moved the whole mess to the new place. When the tsunami struck in 1960, she moved all the docks out and anchored them in the middle of the lagoon, went upstairs to her apartment and watched the waters recede out of the lagoon and re fill. After the waters settled down she moved the docks back in. She lived there until she died in 2008 at 90+ years. My twin, Jean became her yacht broker and had an office there. Her trust continues to manage the marina and restaurant.

It was after I left on Sabra that Annette converted the clubhouse to a restaurant which has become the hotspot to dine and listen to many fine Hawaiian musicians. Ron Miyashiro and his large group of friends play on Thursday nights.For years they played at the Tahitian Lanai and the Pagota Hotel and have recently returned to La Mariana.  It is the place to be for certain. If you are ever in Honolulu you must come for lunch or dinner. You won't ever forget it. It is like time traveling back to a small hangout in Honolulu in the 1920-30's.The place is literally on a tiny sliver of land right on the lagoon, the kitchen is maybe a 2 butt kitchen and how they serve all the meals they do, is a miracle.
Jean and I celebrate our 69th Birthday with friends
Lots of old Hawaiian decorations
Sunset Keehi Lagoon

Make sure you make reservations  for dinner 808-848-2800.
50 Sand Island Rd and check out the website. There is a nice bio of Annette Nahinu.