Sunday, April 29, 2012

More on Sand Island and Keehi Lagoon

I took a trip out to the Sand Island Coast Guard Station to get gas for the car. Gas is cheaper on the military bases. The CG Station is facing Honolulu Harbor on the ocean side. 2 Cruise ships were in the harbor to spruce things up. As I ventured back I stopped in at LMSC to check out some boats that I had seen. It was hot so I stopped in the bar and refreshed myself and waited until someone could let me in the gate.

The marina next door is just now putting in their new slips from the Tsunami. There are still many unrepaired docks in the state harbors and I see several damaged and abandoned boats along the shoreline.
A large trimaran on the shore

Take a look at the waterline

Hate to see these boats

On the way back to the beach I spotted an Albin 27 tucked back into a small storage space.
First one I have seen in Hawaii

The beach, the blue water and skies are pumping life back into my pale white body. I am happy as a clam, but red as a lobster.