Monday, March 19, 2012

Sabra Log 7,8 July 82

7 July- 0000hrs taking watch from Jean. Fishing vessel off port, collision course, I flip on tricolor light. Full moon with good visibility. She passed our stern ¼ nm.
0130 hrs- 2 lights ahead; 1 to port, and 1 to starboard. A rain squall blocks my vision. I get Mike and Jean up to help me. After a short rain both boats appear very close off starboard bow- It is now abeam ~ 1nm away. The wind is lightening and somehow Sabra falls off course and I turn around seeing she is heading due south. I am bringing her back up to north heading and realize we are converging rapidly with a vessel. I bring Sabra up, up, up rapidly and pass fishing vessel on its port qtr ~ 1/8th of a mile. Within 15 minutes of when you see their lights they are on you.  At night it is very hard to see the lights, you can’t see if they are running nets, you can’t determine the course or the speed. It is just plain and simple: a difficult task.

0500 hrs. Jean spots a freighter steaming from east to west at about 26 N. passing our stern. A good watch is critical.
0800 hrs- At 26°36’ N and 263.9 nm from Hanalei.
Tried to call KMI on the SSB radio twice but no contact. (this is a radio telephone company. We were trying to call friends and family)
The sailing this morning is idealic-20mph and 4 ft seas.
Heated coffee tasted good, finished off Brownies that a friend had made. Also each had a box of raisins. They were made up as leis, so if needed be you could wear your raisin lei around your neck and nibble away. Friends are priceless. I can move around the boat better with some degrees of stability.
Feel good after a good sleep. I wrote in the log for yesterday, today. May even change my shirt and brush my teeth.
Sabra is doing so nicely. She really is an ocean vessel-driving thru the seas like a sharp knife, no pounding or hobby horsing. At times you are not even aware of the motion, she is heeled slightly and she slices thru the waves at a steady rate-driving- really beautiful to see.
Dolphins came at sunset and played off port side of cockpit yesterday along with a few birds.
This morning I am so peaceful and restful. I was beginning to wonder about this sea business. I’m not so sure I enjoy being bashed around. God’s it hard-so many bruises- my seat is sore-my muscles ache, but today I feel a peace, I’m getting my sea legs.
1600 hrs- a double Mahi strike- lost one pulling him onboard, but other was 2 feet long and about 15#
We got the one prepped and in the skillet immediately. How delicious- what a pig out- our first big, hot meal…oh my gosh. It’s like heaven.

1900 hrs- We have had a gorgeous day- 20 wind and 2 ft seas. Full main + 130%
Tried to call KMI again but no contact. It’s disappointing
There is a sunset tonight so have to go out to see. I feel so much better. Making nice time-all is well. Everything is getting easier to move about.
We are loving it.

This is what it's all about.

8 July- No vessels sighted during the night. Winds lightened 10-15 mph, 2 ft seas.
0600 hrs- hooked up with another mahi about the same size as the other one. They were traveling in pairs, but second one did not strike. Jean cleaned him and placed in a pan. I made coffee, and cooked toast, left over mahi, onion and eggs. Yummy.

Jean happy with fishing results.

We are busy bathing, drying out bed sheets. Finally got around to brushing my teeth for the first time.
Only making 4 k- weather is getting cloudy. Probably should put up the 160 jenny, but so many things that need to be done.
We are on auto pilot, as the bungee doesn’t hold the course in light winds.
Put duck tape on the pee bucket-Mike sat on it and put a crack in it. It looks quite fancy and am pleased with my surgery on it without the sterile environment of the OR.
Should hit the 30th parallel tonight.
It is amazing how Sabra just keeps driving ever so easily and we keep putting on the miles north. Its fun to turn on the loran and in a few seconds we have our position, push another button and we have our distance made good from Hanalei. We plugged in 30 North latitude for a way point and can get reading for ETA, course made good and speed made good. We haven’t taken a sight yet- each day it clouds up so haven’t messed with the Celestial Navigation yet. Will start practicing to cover us when the loran goes out of the 4990 chain.
1000 hrs- had a very busy morning so far.
1100 hrs. Got the 160 set, full main, wind 12mph- 1-2 ft seas. What a beautiful ride. Lots of flying fish.
All bedding dry. 130 is stowed-had a small tear in upper panel which I carefully repaired. Had to bring it back to the cockpit to sew and then fold.
Will leave 160 as long as winds don’t exceed 30 mph.
Very comfortable…A beautiful sail.
Logged 146.3 nm since noon yesterday-best run- current is assisting us.
We are at 29.25.8 N and159.11.7 W. Have traveled 432.5 nm from Hanalei
Had short nap while running engine for 40 minutes.
The captain and crew of Windsong, Cal 25 has given us all kinds of wrapped gifts to be opened on certain days. Today was a can of cookies and one can of banana chips…no one in Hawaii would jinx your boat with banana items. That is a no- no..Bad luck for fishing. So the chips went over board.
We have been playing the music from the Chariots of Fire.
Still unable to reach KMI on the radio. Nice night- we took 4 hrs watches for the first time.
At 2000 hrs we were over the 30th parallel.