Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sabra Log 19,20 July 82

19 July- Overcast again, a lost day, I am exceptionally tired. Slept all of my off watch time. Today is not good for all of us. Our first snippy day.
We still are holding with the 160 and full main,  045 CC, 10 NW wind and at 1600 we have 880.2nm to go.

20 July- Our mother’s birthday. She is 69 years old. Jean went on watch frustrated.  Mike had come down off watch before she could get dressed and ready. The boat veered off course, and she ran out to grab the helm, but the genny back winded. She had a hard time getting her back on course and it back winded again. I went out to help, as she was still trying to get her clothes on, steer the boat and get oriented. I said that no one goes off watch before the next person is ready to come on. A lesson learned.- all of which could have been prevented. We don’t need to break apart now.
0800-1000hrs- Jean fixed breakfast, I’m on watch and it is cold. I had to dig out my down bedroll at midnight- my sheets were damp and the wool blanket isn”t keeping me warm enough. After breakfast we all talked about yesterday events of being a zero day, and not working together. We all decide to help each other more, even when we are tired/exhausted. The closer we get to shore the more we have to be working together.
We got headed again during the night. The winds are light and are using the bungee cord on the tiller. We choose to hand steer as we need to be driving at maximum and as close hauled as possible to steer our course.
At 1200 hrs, we turn the engine on and are now in the 9th time zone and factoring in 20°E. variation. 775.4nm to go. Loran coming in better but still not = with DR. No chance of noon or LOP sight. My mother thinks that the closer we get to shore the better she will feel and we will be safer. I’m not telling her that the closer we get to shore, the more chances that problems can arise. My birthday gift to her.. silence is golden.