Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Skol: Has Been Located

A fella stops me on the dock to chat. He owns a boat in my marina and from time to time we share our boating talk. He is quite the talker, so I give him free rein and let him run. He always has interesting thoughts, ideas, and lots of knowledge about a variety of subjects. I always leave knowing something new.

After rambling through several subjects, he begins to say something that gets my ears standing at attention. He states he is a member of the NW Classic Boat Club and several months ago he remembers reading about one of the members hauling an empty trailer to the California Delta to pick up an Albin 25 and returns to Seattle. I'm on it, as this is a hot clue, for Too Tall. After a few hours, it is confirmed, Skol is in
Seattle with the new owner.

Well, Well, isn't this bit of information interesting. Shatoosh is berthed in Oregon, Skol is in Seattle and there is only one guy in the marina yesterday and he has all the information that Too Tall needs to find his ole boat. Being in the right place at the right time and I just took all the time to listen to this fella. God sends us messengers all the time, and often we are in too big of a hurray to really listen and often miss the message.

Hey God, I'm still waiting to hear from someone about Sabra, my Sparkman Stephens designed, Swan 36, hull number 74. I sold her in 1987 to Tami Oldham Ashcraft in Friday Harbor and later she sold her. Tami is famous for surviving a cat 4 hurricane, pitch poling in the south pacific, loosing her fiance overboard and single handedly sailing her jury rigged boat to the Hilo, Hawaii. She wrote her book about the trip, Red Sky In Mourning. If you haven't read this one, take the time to do so. It is a really good story.

God, did you hear me? Where is Sabra? She was a documented vessel, but I do not have the documentation number. The Coast Guard has 11 Documented Sabra names, but the chances of her still having that name is remote. None of the Sabras are Swans. I'll try to make contact with Tami.