Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Stopover to Check on Shatoosh

The other day I drove down to Oregon to check on Shatoosh. She was fine, sitting elegant in her slip, probably wondering where the heck I had been. Well, you see, I was off helping a friend with surgery, tending to a friend with a broken heart, then a freak snow storm blanketed the northwest. Oh yes, I found time to compile over 700 pages of letters I had written about my life in an Indian Ashram. I named the compilation, "Letters From Heaven". Then I did all my Christmas shopping. I don't think I need to justify my schedule to Shatoosh, but I did feel bad because she was looking rather dusty.

After running through my list of things to do I headed home. I did take some time to stop at my favorite Mexican food restaurant and see how the murals were coming. Wow, they are all finished and really are quite beautiful.

Next, I am off to the land of real mexican food, cheese enchiladas and sopaipillas, here I come, El Paso.