Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Blog Stats

Yesterday I added a mini stat gadget to the right sidebar. It only shows  pages viewed. On my internal dashboard the stats continue to amaze me. Three years ago when I started blogging it never occured to me that one day there would be readers from all over the world. I figured that some of my friends and family might look at it from time to time, but to have readers from South Korea, Turkey, Eukraine, Malasya, Shri Lanka or Slovenia would have been out of the question. As of now, readers are from 35 countries and the only continents not represented are Africa & Greenland.

I can picture people reading about Albins in countries where they were shipped, but countries where local Albins are not present is another story. While cruising the Columbia, Snake, and the Willamette river systems I have never seen, or heard of another Albin 25. Albin 25's are fascinating little cruisers. All sorts of people fall in love with them. I often find people coming up to Shatooosh wanting to check her out. They say, "wow, what kind of boat is she", "I have always wanted an Albin", or "a friend of mine owned one of these boats". "Can I come aboard"? "Yes, you can", as I begin my tour. It just never gets old. It only gets better with time.
I look forward to another great year of owning Shatoosh and Pashmina and cruising deep into the waters of the Salish Sea.

This beautiful map was created by Chartographer Stefan Freelan.
"Map of the Salish Sea & Surrounding Basin, Stefan Freelan, WWU, 2009"
Stefan has given my readers permission to download and print this Map.