Saturday, August 14, 2010

Swinging On The Hook

During this past week I have been happy to say the engine is running fine, the sun has been out in full everyday and heating up this side of the planet. The last 2 days have been in the 90's, so I have been anchoring in shady spots with breezes blowing, if I can find them. The wind shifted to south east which gave me some new opportunities to anchor on the Columbia side of Martin island that I have always wanted to investigate. The seas were flat and anchoring was nice and easy in 25 feet of water. I watched as 2 osprey ate a fish on the sandy shoreline. Even the wake of an inbound freighter hailing from Monrovia didn't bother me. The night skies have been crystal clear and spectacular to view from my bunk looking up through the forward hatch. Life can be so full, if you just slow down and appreciate every little wisp of cool air, every little chirp and whistle of a bird, and every little smile or phone call from a life-long friend.

Today, I spent some time creating a new children's book for my grand nieces, Georgia and Flora. It will document some meaningful events on my recent Snake and Columbia River trip. I got the ideas down in writing, so will begin the drawings and the story board when I return. This will be their Christmas present.
All my other books to them have been designed when at anchor. It must be the nurturing effects of floating that causes one to be in a still place to be creative.

Here are a couple of other items I wrote this week.
Hidden Lagoons

I seek solitude along the shores of a sweet cove.
The wind whistles through the cottonwood trees creating the sound of a
rushing river over a cobblestone bed of rocks.
The osprey and terns fly on the wake of Pashmina searching and diving for their next meal.
The eagles soar and tree hop escorting me deeper into their hidden lagoon.
It is all so sacred, I ask permission to enter.

Awakened by Stillness

The stillness awakens me in the middle of the night.
I lie in my bunk, anchored in a slough, there is no wind blowing, a weakened current,
and slack tide.
That moment between the tides is much likened to the space between the breaths,
where one experiences the totality of stillness.
The space where there is perfect balance.
The fulcrum of the universe smiles and slaps it's knee in total delight.

It is Saturday evening 14 August 2010. I tie up in my cool slip shortly past sunset, plug into the 110v and turn on both fans, drink 3 bottles of water that have been kept cold in the refrigerator. Within minutes I am invigorated and revitalized again.
Total run 56 nm