Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More From Too Tall Tom and His Crew

Last week, it seems, my crew had a reunion in a bar in Macao. A filthy place, but it matched their more base senses. How they got there from Umatilla I'll never know. As the evening progressed they swapped lies and discussed their past boating experiences and got around to things that are useful and needed on a boat. They agreed on: substantial cleats, braided line, clean diesel fuel, decks that don't leak, snug harbors, boat hooks, sun glasses, binoculars that have seen some use, a quality knife with a keen blade, stainless steel tools, a comfortable helm seat and easy to access batteries. Things were getting tense as they moved into a new area of discussion: new technology. They did not agree on chart plotters, cell phones, VHF, radar, and holding tanks. They are a retarded lot. I don't know why I even listen to them.

Then, in a rare moment of jocularity and inspiration, they tossed some items from their pockets on the bar and searched through the jetsam. They finally picked the best item to send to you, and your crew, as a token of their appreciation of your long time interest in all things boating. They agreed that the item they finally selected needed a good permanent berth, one where it can be used and gazed at for years to come. Its no big deal, they said, just a little something for you and your crew. It should be arriving in the mail any day now....The mail service out of Macao is a little weak. If you don't like it, don't blame me. It was their idea. And, if it does not mesh with your crew's sense of what belongs on Shatoosh, just toss it in the water like Davis did with his old stove in the beginning of "The Riddle of the Sands."
John, aka, Too Tall Tom

Wow, how could I not like this...A personalized knife and scabbard. What a great gift. You have just upped the ante for crew gifts to their favorite Captain/Skipper.