Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Work Day at Schooner Creek

The crew at Schooner Creek really took great care of me. Thanks Eric, John, Mike and Paul. It seems John and I have mutual marina friends from the Delta. The wonderful Korth family at Oxbow, Pirates Liar and a third marina, that I can't remember the name. We were recalling how well run these marinas are and by third generation family members. If you are ever cruising the Delta make sure you stop in for a few nights and maybe even catch a striper or 2.

I got my oil and filters(oil and fuel) changed and the alternator belt tightened. It was wonderful to see Mike my mechanic working at this beautiful company, as yard manager. The engine is doing well with it's 1500 hrs on it. It still looks brand new and I try to stay on top of things. Mike noticed that I finally replaced my makeshift air filter. It is hard to believe that this little piece of foam cost me $45.00, when my makeshift one cost $10.00. They helped me turn the boat around and with a little help from the current ebbing and the wind from the south-east, I slipped out of their cove in a blink of an eye. Down the Columbia I flew with my engine purring like a kitten.

I make a stop at Fred's on the Multnomah channel and the friendly ladies make a fresh pot of coffee for me and I get a few crunchies to nibble on. They carry the most interesting chili-lime roasted nuts. I have never found them anywhere else. I cruise by the heron rookeries and the eagles nest slowly and take a picture. You'll have to double click the photo and then have great imagination skills to see the nest. Its times like this I really want a beeg camera with a beeg telephoto lens. But today we have to settle for my 2 mpixel camera on my cell phone.                                               

After a stop at Rocky Pointe to top off my tank with 10 gallons and talk with a man who loves my boat/Albins. He has a Norwegian designed power boat in Antacortes, Wa, I head for Scappoose Moorage.
The skies begin to turn very dark and the weather looks like it should rain torrents, but is somehow held at bay until I get into my covered berth. The skies open up pouring buckets. I have decided to stay over night, not because it is raining, but rather because I just love being on board.

I have had a fun time, found a new place, and met new people. My dock neighbor came down to empty his dock box. Because of the economy he is having to give up his slip. I am so grateful for my military retirement,  social security, and  VA. My favorite uncle comes through 3 X a month for me, so I can play and have fun on my Albin. I made some wise choices back when I was in my 20's, but then I worked many long hours rehabilitating our wounded soldiers from Viet Nam. I believe it has been a good deal, as I am triplely blessed and forever grateful.