Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Progress On All Fronts

Shatoosh, Pashmina and Hira are no longer up in the air about a launch date

The rain has stopped during the night. Its 0400 hrs and I'm awake and rearing to start my day. The kettle goes on the stove, the heater on and in no time at all, I'm bunndled in my down bag, with a mug of coffee and uploading photos into the blog. My car log yesterday was over 700 miles.

Dawn reveals a clear day, so I bound out into the cockpit, attach my usb serial adapter to my computer. Last week I reloaded my driver, so I am hoping things are fixed. I can see the driver is installed, Sea Clear is reading the comm port #8, the gps is sending data. All positive events. I fire up the engine and take a short run up and down the river. The Sea Clear Program is receiving the GPS data perfectly. There is no interference on the screen. I'm happy as a lark. It is amazing when things work.

I tidy up Shatoosh and I am down the dock, up the ramp, over the Dike, and down to the car. I'm off to make a date with the trucking company which is a block away. It is all done. I will be trucked on 14 June 2010 from Scappoose Bay, Oregon to Clarkston, Washington. I am really getting excited.