Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Preparing Shatoosh For New Crew and New Concepts

Its Tuesday the 22 Sept 09 and the temperature is in the high 90's, if you can believe that. I've been on board since last Saturday doing some prep work and fixing a few items that needed tending to; such as reattaching a snap screw on the canvas, a picture fell off the bulkhead and so did the dish rack Saturday night. I got to that leaking window in the aft cabin, but won't know if its repaired until the next rainfall, which won't be this week. Sawed off the projecting ends of the bolts from the oars.

Met with Dan on Whiskyjack for a while on Sunday to touch base on nav projects. The list is unending. "Oh, yes, there's one more thing," he says. He has given me a female 9 pin to hook up with the male 9 pin that I still haven't bought. Then there is a CD for the USB. "A CD", I ask; knowing I don't have a CD option on the mini. "Not to worry", he says. " You just download it into your big computer and take it off using your thumb drive", as he pulls his out so handily from his pocket."I don't have a thumb drive", I reply, sheepishly, and he looks at me as I was some sort of alien from another planet. "You don't have a thumb drive?", he asks, politely. "OK, OK, I can get one", as I scramble back to my car to get a pad and pen to make a list, as I sense more data is coming forth.

In between projects, I get my tide charts, figure out the days, where we might go and avoid all yacht clubs on the weekend. I write up a menu and shopping list.

I'm back from grocery shopping early today to beat the heat, so have some fun time playing around with making templates for the computer at the nav station. I've got some left over cardboard and some wood that I found in the aft cabin berth lockers. A few cuts with the jig saw, a little super glue and presto, I put it all together believing it will be good for a trial this week. I'm stowing my charts and will run only using the charts in the mini to see if I will like this format.

I gaze at the nav tray and see my cell phone holder and casually slip the mouse under the ends and I'm amazed it holds it perfectly well. I just love double duty things. It is the unexpected, the serendipity of it all that makes me chuckle deep inside. I feel as though I have just discovered a potential event that would warrant the Nobel Peace Prize. I step down into the fore cabin grinning from ear to ear. "Yes, perfect", I call out.