Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cruising the San Antonio River

My Twin, Jean and I celebrated our 70th birthday on 23 April 2013. I flew to El Paso and then we rode the train to San Antonio to celebrate with friends and family. As children we would make the summer trek to San Antonio on the train, so it was must fitting to retrace our early travels.

Our Scottish maternal Great Grandfather, John Hewitt was the Head Miller at the Pioneer Mill in San Antonio and also oversaw the Mill in Mexico. The Pioneer Mill was owned by the German Family, Guenther. Their home is now a museum and restaurant. The Pioneer Mill is still in business and their products are sold nationwide. We started our river voyage with a hearty Texas breakfast and then headed for the river barges. We had the best time that day in spite of a cold north wind.

Breakfast in the Dining Car

Pecos River Northern View

Guenther House Pioneer Mill

San Antonio River Walk

Locking thru to the new Northern Section
9 foot rise
No, its not the Snake River Locks