Sunday, October 28, 2012

Olympia Budd Inlet- Puget Memorial

I return to Budd Inlet in Olympia again. This time I have my hand-held GPS off of Shatoosh to take some readings along the Olympia Port Plaza, which lies along Joseph Whidbey's historic latitude of 47 degrees, 03 minutes and 00 seconds. The Plaza is already staged for future memorial sites, which makes this a no-brainer location. Everything is so perfect about it.

You can arrive by boat, car, bus or by foot. You can dock and dine at Anthony's Home Port Restaurant, visit the Farmer's Market, amble down to the State Capital, visit art galleries, coffee shops and funky shops. There is enough to see for a week's trip.

Lt. Peter Puget and his exploration team would be delighted to see what has taken place in 220 years. I am getting way ahead of myself in the lengthy process of getting a memorial on this latitude, but I can already see it situated where I am standing. I'm going to keep my dream alive.