Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back Onboard

Today was sweet, I drove to Scappoose, Oregon to get back on board Shatoosh. As I crossed the Columbia the dense fog prevented any sight of the mighty river. The engine fired right up after 2 months of sitting in the cold and rainy weather. I let her run a while, shut her down and checked all her internal fluids, vacuumed the battery and engine compartments and then started her back up just in time for the fog to lift.

How nice it was to cruise down river a bit and make my turn around Coon Island and head back up river with the sun shinning on my face. Three eagles caught my attention, along with lots of cormorants flying here and there. I dodged what seemed like a forest of  floating debris. It  was so good to be back on the river with my trusty steed beneath me.

I do love being in nature, tuning into the rhythms of the water and feeling the incredible pulse of the divine in all things.