Friday, November 27, 2009

Vashon Pocket Cruiser: Shakti

27 November 2009: Friday
The other day an Albin Boater on the Yahoo Group asked about my Vashon Pocket Cruiser and how did it compare to our Albin 25?
Well, the answer is, "it doesn't compare....nothing can compare with an Albin 25, in my eyes. However, the Vashon Tug is a very sweet pocket cruiser.

The year was probably 1985-6, I had retired, was living on Orcas Island, Wa and knowing I would have a long ferry wait to return to Orcas, I drove over to the marina in Anacortes to check out boats. There she was, sitting on a trailer, an adorable little power cruiser. I went inside the brokerage office and asked about the details. She has 7 ft beam, 23 ft in length, a Yanmar, 2 cylinder diesel engine. The owner had finished out the layout of the boat. Vashon tugs as they are often called were made on Vashon Island, Wa( a small island near Tacoma). They made fishing versions and cruising versions. Recently on the internet, I saw one that was for sale with a hefty price tag of over $40,000. I believe that I paid about $15,000 for mine. I put an offer on her, had her surveyed, and cruised her to Orcas Island, while the broker brought the trailer to the island for me.
I had a wonderful time cruising all the San Juan Islands with her and gunk holing easily with her 2 ft draft. There was a porta potty, a small galley. There was a cockpit steering tiller but no controls. She was easy to handle and I loved having her in my fleet of vessels. I had my Swan 36 sloop, and 3 dinghies. I kept her berthed not far from my house on the north shore of Orcas in what is called,"the ditch". A small marina which was dug into the island many years ago. It is still there.
It was wonderful to run down to Shakti and go for a sunset cruise to Sucia Island, or Matia Island. Often I would run over to Sucia with some firewood, a big piece of salmon and veggies and cook on the beach, watch the sunset and then head back home after dark. Oh, I remember the joys of being retired at a very young age. I had lots of fun.